"After having multiple clairaudience experiences, I started discovering more and more about myself. With this wonderful inner journey and through these mysterious experiences, I finally found happiness and peace in my soul and couldn't wait to share it with the rest of the world.

Miracles, small and large, made me stronger and enlightened me about my duty in this universe. I understood deeply that helping people was one of my key roles in life, and that honesty was essential. It became clear to me that each person was precious and ready to be discovered. Love was the key to open the secret doors.

Since my revelation, I have taken many routes in an attempt to touch the lives of people who need guidance in this world. So I knew that I had to write."

                                                        Nazan Saatci



"What can summarize 2016 U.S elections better than " Donny Trumpet goes to the Election" This rhyming humorous little bird book along with characterized illustrations will remind you the George Orwell's unforgettable Animal Farm."

"Donny Trumpet Goes to the Election’ is written with perfect rhyming verses. It is not hard to spot out the inspirational political candidates like Donald Trump, President Barack Obama, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, even Hugh Hewitt and Megyn Kelly in their bird forms.Thinking it is a grammar mistake or it is there for a reason, hidden satiric humor in the words urges you to research more about this year’s election facts. As you go along, each stanza brings a smile to your face by filling you with the intense patriotism."

"Saatci's "Donny Trumpet" tale brought to mind Attar's "Conference of the Birds," a 12th century Sufi mystical poem about a variety of birds who come together to seek an ideal king to govern them. After many drop out of the search for this ideal (truth), the remaining birds reach their goal and find only a reflection of themselves. Ah, Donny Trumpet, our reflection? Though Saatci does not take us to this conclusion, her story's ending with the choices implied (the wise old owl's insight vs. the "woe" accompanying the choice of Donny) does seem to encourage us to reconsider how we started down this path thinking we would find a solution to our problems. Her humorous (but don't forget the "woe, woe, woe") presentation and delightful illustrations may reflect our own swings between laughter (Our comedians have a flood of material daily from this political race.) and alarm as we follow our own politically prescribed pathway to our next leader. This "childlike" tale holds a reflection of us and reminds us that the solutions are not "out there" but within us.'

Every four years, citizens of Birdland elect their new leader. Now that Black Bird is retiring, it is a busy time in Birdland again. One of the candidates is a big yellow bird. His name is Donny Trumpet. Everything is looking good in Birdland till this nominee starts chirping. Soon all the birds are in terror and Birdland is in danger. What will happen? Will the Old Eagle be able to save Birdland? Or does Old Eagle himself need to be saved? What should be done to stop Yellow Bird’s nesting crew from destroying Birdland? What will happen to the immigrant birds?
This rhyming, humorous LIMITED EDITION book along with cute illustrations is the perfect entertainment for all ages of your family.